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Planning Permission

Planning Consultants 

Navigating the intricacies of UK planning applications can pose immense challenges without the right expertise. Optimize Structure Design in Derby offers reliable planning consultancy and application services for residential extensions, commercial builds, changes in building usage and large-scale developments across sectors. Their qualified planners handle reviewing policy guidelines all the way through submitting compelling applications for council approvals. With extensive local authority liaison experience and a strong track record facilitating favourable outcomes, Optimize Structure Design ensures that planning complexities never hinder your construction or redevelopment ambitions. Let their planning consultants chart the most efficient pathways aligned to project milestones.

Householders Planning Application

Planning application for extension, loft conversion, garage conversion or a new build house can be confusing for most homeowners. Our team can manage the entire application process from start to finish saving you time, money, stress  and give you the best chance to secure approval.

Commercial Planning Application

If you are considering a change of use to a building ? or planning for a major project with multiple of new dwellings? then it is important to seek the professional advice  from our experience team to determine the feasibility, cost and likelihood of success before you commit as large development can be complex and costly. We can help you effectively navigate the planning system and achieve your goal. 

Listed Building & Conservation Areas

Carrying out any work on a listed building is a criminal offence without having a listed building consent secured or planning permission in some cases too. Often listed buildings are located in a conservation area, therefore, planning permission is more stricter. As it is more likely that permitted development rights removed in these areas and planning application can me complex and difficult to get. 

Discharge or Remove of Conditions

Planning conditions are often applied to the grant planning permission, which must be met before work start. Some of these condition can be normal and other may not, therefore, a discharge condition may need to be submitted, in order to prove you adhere to the condition on the applications. Failure to comply with any conditions imposed could risk an enforcement notice.

Retrospective Planning 

Have you made a change to your property that requires planning permission, or you have receive a planning enforcement notice for breach of planning control because you don have approval. Then a retrospective planning application would be required to be submitted, although this does not mean planning will be granted, however, if the planning is get refused, then you require to restore the property to its original state and demolish what you have built.  

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